Happy 3.5 Anniversary!


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Yes it is are 3.5 Anniversary come celebrate with us on Twitch were will be live! Watch us live at 8:00 pm Eastern time! https://www.twitch.tv/3point5geeks

3.5 Geeks 3.5 Anniversary


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3.5 Geeks Is having are 3.5 anniversary! Celerbrating Are 3.5 year as a podcast with Controller Throwers! We be live on twitch Tv, So come with us and have some fun as we playing games celerbrate 3 year and soon to be more!

Watch Here: https://www.twitch.tv/3point5geeks

Or Here: https://www.twitch.tv/controllerthrowers

Event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1751518911810676/?active_tab=about

Book Rec: Dracula Series by Fred Saberhagen


Being geeks, you will probably know Fred Saberhagen, either from his Berserker series, or his Book of Swords series. (My personal favorite. If you haven’t read it, you’re totally missing out, run right out and buy it.)

The Dracula series, however seems to be a bit more obscure. I’d never heard of it until I set my reading goal for the year (100) and focus (vampires). I’ve read a LOT of vampire books in the last 9 months. I read the entire Ann Rice series. No offense to any fans out there, but ugh. When I saw that one of my favorite authors had written not only a vampire series, but one about Dracula, I was intrigued. So I got them all and sat down with a slightly biased, but open mind.

As I started “The Dracula Tape” the first thought that ran through my head was “Mr. Saberhagen WTF did you DO?!” It was Roshamon but badly done. However, I kept reading because his style will just draw you in. I started to see what is plan was, to not really make Dracula an “anti-hero”, but at least a semi-protagonist. He’s not one you will necessarily love, or even love to hate, he’s rather one that you will enjoy (I think) trying to understand. Saberhagen keeps much of the Tepes lore in the character which can be amusing in the various centuries the books take place.

So, while I still haven’t found my All Time Favorite Vampire series, I found one that I actually liked better than I thought I would. And IMHO it’s a much better read than the Rice books.

Port Con!!!


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We’re going to be filming and recording a live panel podcast alongside you, the listener! 3.5 Geeks is a semi-biweekly podcast focusing on the excitement of being a geek in this day and age and all the things that being a geek means to us and to you. “If you can geek out about it, we’ll talk about it.” Anime, video games, TV, movies, superheroes, even history and spirituality and progressive social issues, we attempt to tackle them all in our lunkheaded, slapdash, makeshift way– and to have fun doing it! For three years, 3.5 Geeks has heralded the rise of geekdom and championed kindness to our fellow geeks, and we live for and love interacting with our audience! Hosted by Nathan Towns and co-hosted by Matthew I. Bishop and Kimber McLeod, we know that geekdom is serious business, but so help us we can’t keep a straight face!

3.5 Geeks are filming and recording a live podcast full of geekery and audience engagement!


Sunday Breakwater 4pm-5pm

Working away!


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So we had fun at Bangor Comic and Toy con! As i am typing this i have a 30 minute time limit cause doing a little work out side the house where i can focus a lot better. Got some good things coming up and i can’t wait until Port con Maine that is going to  be a blast.

Bangor Comic and Toy Con!


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So 3.5 Geeks are going to be at Bangor Comic and Toy Con! We will be talking to people and playing video games and giving away prizes! We also will be recording live podcast at 3:00 pm on Saturday! So stop on by and say hello maybe you can join us on a podcast!

Turning 3 tomorrow!


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So as of 4/20 3.5 Geeks will be 3 years old! That great! But the Fact of the matter i been sick again. That why nothing has gotten done at all. After the last post i got Sick a gain with Viral Chest thing that makes me cough like crazy. I little to no sleep. So now i am Getting better and there will be new things for 3rd birthday! So wish us luck and i will do my best to get content out for you. I want to Apologizes to Jen Diamond and Comic Geeks Unite For the really late podcast.



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Sorry everyone but my life feel in to chaos after PAX East. I caught the flu bug that was going on and between having move on the 31th it was a bad time. Now the Dust is settle and i am living with my my wife’s mother for awhile. With a little rest and some time i will back to editing and doing 3.5 Geeks things. A lot videos and podcast coming soon and some live streams. I Can’t wait to be back! One other thing 3.5 Geeks will be turning 3 soon!

Pax East Tickets


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Want to go to PAX East? For free? For Friday at least? :p

Our friends at 3.5 Geeks have a spare pass for PAX East – Friday only. If you are interested, post a picture of your favourite video game character as a reply to this message. If you’re not interested, please share this message and tag your friends who might be interested. I will randomly select a winner on Monday night. Thanks to Nathan Towns!