Pax East Tickets


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Want to go to PAX East? For free? For Friday at least? :p

Our friends at 3.5 Geeks have a spare pass for PAX East – Friday only. If you are interested, post a picture of your favourite video game character as a reply to this message. If you’re not interested, please share this message and tag your friends who might be interested. I will randomly select a winner on Monday night. Thanks to Nathan Towns!


For those of you who are readers and don’t frequent Goodreads I highly recommend it.  One of the cool things is that you can set a goal for how many books you plan to read for the year and then it helps you keep track, makes recommendations based on your reading history and likes, etc.

Last year I set a goal of 100 books for the year and decided to read everything Stephen King had ever written.  (Check!)  This year I set a goal of 75 and decided to try and find MY personal favorite Vampire Series.  The ones I’ve read so far, The Strain, and  Vampire Earth, have been either Post or Causal Apocalyptic, which is very far away from what I’m used to in Vampire fare.  Not better or worse, just very different.

Similar to most Dystopian series such as The Hunger Games series, there are the poor downtrodden survivors, the Resistance Movement, and The Collaborators.  With Vampires.

I realize, particularly in the current political climate, that Dystopia is all the rage and I actually liked The Hunger Games series much more than I thought I would.  I liked that there wasn’t a Wesley Crusher Ending where they all lived happily ever after.  (If you need an explanation for the Wesley reference let me know.)  I just hope that this isn’t a trend that will take over all literature. It’s an important tool to inform and make people think, but it’s not the only one, quite often, not even the best one.  We need just as many Gene Roddenberry-esque We’re Better Than That themes, where we show that mankind can rise above his baser reptile brain.

There’s a podcast I listen to called The Cleansed that is also Post Apocalyptic, no Vampires though, set in Maine.  One of the groups that broke away is called The Dwellers, who basically went back to the land, started living in a way similar to the First People in America.  Not perfectly, but they were constantly trying to improve themselves and live by principles and in harmony.  Why can’t we see more of THAT kind of After “Civilization” Collapses sort of thing?

So for the sake of my year long Search for My Personal Favorite Vampire Series, keep Dystopia in it’s place.

Pax East!


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Hey everyone! 3.5 Geeks will be at pax east. I do have spare Ticket! Interested to on going i am charging 50 dollars for it. So Wednesday i was with Cosplay Convention Center who turned 1 year old that day! Check out the video that we Took that day!

A Lot Coming up!


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So we have guest joining us Jen Diamond! She a cos-player and photographer! Thank you Jen! If you want to check her stuff out here is her link to Facebook.

So Pax East is coming up and me and Bernie are going recording the con so if you miss it we have on YouTube!

Podcasting on the 14th

Well happy Valentines Day on the 14! Where we have Aaron Controller  Throwers as a guest on are podcast. We will be talking about video games. I thinking making it live on twitch again! This Time ill control the volume better. Another Note me and my wife going to look at house in Saco Maine. We love the pictures of the house and looks great! I hope its everything i ever wanted same with my wife Maura.

Coming Up Stuff!

So It is I Nathan Towns! We working on the next podcast and future podcast where i spoke to Jen Diamond who great Cos-player photographer. We All so have a guest form Controller throwers Aaron on the 14th of February. I big fan of Aaron’s work that when i first saw his show in 2014 i wanted keep going on 3.5 Geeks do that YouTube let’s play and twitch video’s. So a lot work and still working on the live podcast audio part. Now I am moving we are looking to buy a house. With that will have my own office if that happens. So i also been Cleaning and packing. So there is so much going on. I also working on my Drivers license This will be my 5th time taking the test wish me luck. I still waiting on date to take me test.

Aaahhh Progress

Back in the olden days, when I was a wee lass of 30-ish, I coded websites by hand; using Notebook and Xnview and HTML 4. These websites were good! They were functional! I had a lawyer, a church, a photographer(oi, the script on that one), a small family foundation… All with nothing but me and my keyboard.

Now I’m not going to knock WordPress, cause that would be stupid since we’re using it; and I’m sure it makes thing much easier for folks who don’t know how to do the coding thing. Also it’s a damn sight better than Drag and Drop. ::shudder:: But still, there’s such a thing as too much progress.

Give me Notepad and PSP 7 and I will build you a website in half the time it took me to set this silly thing up with far less aggravation and trying to navigate to find the things you need to make the changes you want where you want them.

Just sayin’.